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How to Buy a Bow

If you are in the market to buy a bow of your own, whether it is your first or your 21st bow, it is critical to make sure you buy a bow that properly fits your body and training style. Doing so will help you avoid training injuries due to using a bow that is improperly sized or weighted for the type of shooting you do. This is your guide to buying a bow from pro archery shops, in order of importance.

Eye Dominance

The first thing to consider when buying a bow is do you choose a left- or right-handed bow. While most would think they would choose a bow to fit their dominant hand, in fact your dominant eye should drive your buying choice. Just like one hand is stronger and more coordinated than the other, the same is true for your eyes. This allows you to aim the arrow with your dominant eye, while keeping your non-dominant eye open, adding greater field and depth to your sight while shooting.

To determine your dominance, Make a circle with your hands and look through it at a fixed point with both eyes open. If you close one eye, and the fixed point moves out of your hand-aperture, the closed eye is your dominant eye. If you close an eye and the fixed point stays in view, the open eye is your dominant eye. If your right eye is dominant, you will use a right-handed bow. Vice versa for southpaws.

Bow Length

The length of the bow is also important, as it determines the length of the draw. To find your proper bow length, hold an arrow with both arms outstretched in front of you and the nock end against your chest. Measure the farthest point you can reach on the arrow, and add one inch for a safety margin (a little large is better than a little short) and multiply this length times 3. This will give you a good starting place to begin your search for the proper length of bow.

Draw Weight

Draw weight is one of the most important aspects of a bow, depending on its use. If you plan to use a bow for game hunting, you need a powerful, usually compound bow heavy enough to bring down a large animal. However, this draw weight may not be suitable for everyday training use. To determine your draw weight place your non-drawing arm and knee on a weight bench and pick up a dumbbell off the ground. The heaviest weight you can lift for 15-20 repetitions is going to be your ideal weight for training use.

A Tourist Guide to Shopping in Milan

Shopping and Milan go hand in hand. After all, this northern Italian city is where the fashion world holds some of its most elite designer shows during four different periods every year. Anyone with even the most basic knowledge of fashion knows that Milan is hugely important in the industry. It’s little surprise, then, that those who flock here with hopes of finding the best that shopping has to offer are never disappointed.

If you come to Milan to shop, one of your first stops should be its Brera neighborhood. This picturesque shopping area offers tourists the the opportunity to find unique treasures and items by little known – but up and coming – designers. Small boutiques along narrow streets are the norm here, and it is considered by many to be one of the most pleasant areas in Milan for strolling and shopping at a leisurely pace. Boasting the highest concentration of clothes stores in all of Europe, Corso Buenos Aires is another must see district if you come to Milan to shop. It is impossible to make much of a dent in the the many boutiques here; indeed, one could spend an entire afternoon and not hope to see even a fraction of the offerings. It is a real shoppers’ paradise in Milan, especially for those looking for marathon shopping experiences.

While Milan is world renowned for its high end fashion, there are still plenty of bargains to be had. Head over to Binda, near the lake, to get incredible deals on shirts, scarves and ties. Or if you seek bargains on some of Milan’s famed silk clothing, check out Frey. This outlet store is located on the western edge of the old section of town and is teeming with clothing and accessories deals. Sprinkled throughout and around Milan are its well regarded Coin stores. These department stores offer a fine selection of excellent quality clothing, accessories, handbags and jewelry. There are also great deals to be had on housewares on the basement level of most coin stores. If you come to northern Italy, you simply must check out this Milanese institution. No shopping trip to Milan could hope to be complete without a stop at its preeminent department store, La Rinascente. Here, shoppers can find absolutely anything imaginable when it comes to high end fashion and clothing. Make a day of it by enjoying one of its top floor restaurants; have a snack of a gourmet meal, then head back out for more shopping!

Those looking for outdoor markets in Milan truly have their work cut out for them. That’s because Milan is bursting at the seams with great options. If you’re looking for shoes, head to the Mercato di Via S. Marco on Monday and Thursday mornings. In addition to shoe stalls, shoppers can enjoy many fine foods and a premier selection of knitwear, including a selection by Valentino. Milan’s elite regard this market to be the best available, but its far from the only one. On Saturdays and Tuesdays from about 9am to 1pm, head to the huge Mercato Papiniano for amazing deals on designer duds. Those looking for antiques must head to the Mercatone dell’Antiquario on the last Sunday of the month. And to check out something a little different, try the Via Armorari on Sunday mornings to take in its stamp, coin and postcard collectors in action.

An Online Tea Shop Guide

Consumer trends have seen an ever-increasing number of tea drinkers switching away from cheap bagged teas and over to premium whole leaf tea. Supermarkets have noticed this trend with many major stores now stocking at least some loose-leaf teas (or at the very least premium branded tea bags) alongside their more traditional bagged range.

Online retailers however have perhaps been at the forefront of this revolution with an ever-increasing number of online tea shops appearing. While this growth has increased consumer choice, like most things online, occasionally it can be difficult to know where it is safe to shop and make your purchases. This guide has been written to give you some pointers to help when purchasing tea online.


When making any purchases online trust is always a major issue. When visiting an online tea shop, especially for the first time, precautions must always be taken. Before providing any information, or making a purchase, it is always prudent to conduct an internet search of the company you are buying from. There are a number of specialist sites that provide feedback and reviews of online retailers. It’s easy and quick to check to see what others are saying about the site you are planning on buying from. A simple Google search may prevent you succumbing to an unscrupulous online retailer.

Another method of gauging the credibility of an online tea shop is to see if they have a Twitter feed which is regularly updated. A Twitter feed that is active, followed by lots of people, and that provides relevant information – not just spurious ‘retweets’ – is a good indicator that people have been satisfied with their dealings with that company. You can also easily check if other people have interacted, or Tweeted, about the shop too.


You can often judge an online tea shop by the selection of tea they have available. Are they a company which has specialised in the tea of a particular country i.e. China, Taiwan, India or perhaps they specialise in a particular tea such as Chinese white tea or Taiwanese oolong? These specialist retailers, whom often only stock a dozen or so teas, can often be found to sell a much higher quality product. They should also be able to provide you with much greater information on their teas than the one-stop-shops that seem to sell hundreds of teas from all corners of the globe.


Without being able to see a physical product when visiting an online tea shop it is important that you get some idea of the teas you are buying. The next best thing to seeing the tea in person is being able to see it in a photo. Any photos used should be large and clear, allowing you to see the whole leaf and easily identify the style of processing that has been used. Occasionally online retailers will also show pictures of the tea leaves after they have been infused and the leaf has opened up giving you a better idea of that quality of the tea.


Perhaps one final check would be to email the company with any questions you may have. Any knowledgeable and trustworthy online tea shop will be only too happy to respond to any questions you have in a prompt and professional manner. Any company which doesn’t do this should most definitely be avoided!

Shopping Guide For Food

This appliance is a must-have if you want to preserve food without destroying the nutritional components found in it. How does it work? Simply put, a dehydrator removes the moisture from the food to preserve it. Dehydrators use heat and air flow in order to reduce foods water content. This will keep the food from being a breeding ground for bacteria, which promotes spoilage.

Types of Dehydrators

There are two categories of food dehydrators: Vertical and horizontal airflow.

In models with vertical airflow, the fan and heating elements are found at the bottom of the machine. The trays where the food are placed are stacked up on top of its base. The temperature varies between the top and the bottom trays so you need to re-order them part way through the process of dehydrating the food to get an even effect.

On the other hand, a horizontal airflow dehydrator has its fan and heating element installed on one side of the machine. The trays are essentially ‘drawers’ instead of stacks. This model allows for a more even distribution of temperature and also prevents the juices from the food from dripping down into the heater. This design makes it easier to clean as well.


When shopping for food dehydrators, you need to assess your food preparation needs. If, for instance, you need to dry a lot of seasonal fruits and vegetables, you will need large food trays to accommodate all those produce. A larger tray size will naturally call for a larger machine. If you have space concerns, make sure to get a dehydrator that will fit your tabletop or something that will not occupy a lot of space in your kitchen.

Temperature control

Another feature that you need to check is temperature control. This will determine how effectively you will be able to dry your food. Take note that various types of food will warrant varied optimum drying temperatures. Some dehydrators come with a fixed temperature while others will have variable controls that operate within a particular range.

It’s also a good idea to opt for a dehydrator that comes with a timer control. This enables you to walk out on your appliance without worrying that it will frazzle your food and make it over dried. It’s a feature that will come in handy particularly for those days when you really have to get out of the house for a while.